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Current MKET Staff


MKET Contracts


Future MKET Staff


School employed Staff

Chief Executive and Executive Principal, Walton High - Ms Michelle Currie

Michelle Currie has over 30 years’ experience of working in education, including 16 years at senior management level.  As a National Leader of Education she is well versed in school improvement and has led the setting up of new schools which involved overseeing a number of multi-million pound building projects.  She has also been the Chair of the project steering group for the conversion of New Chapter Primary School to sponsored academy status.  Michelle Currie has extensive experience of school governance having served on four governing bodies and chaired an Interim Executive Board.

Headteacher, New Chapter Primary School – Mrs Mickleburgh

Julie Mickleburgh has worked in the education sector for 30 years, including 15 years at senior management level. She is currently Head Teacher at New Chapter Primary School, previous to this she was Vice Principal at Walton High, with responsibility for Key Stage 4 and the Business and Enterprise specialism. She undertook a leading role in developing enterprise education across Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Julie Mickleburgh has written Key Stage 3 and 4 Geography and Citizenship textbooks.

Headteacher, Heronsgate School – Mrs Jane Edwards

Mrs Edwards has 16 years primary school experience; three years in London and thirteen years in Milton Keynes.  She has experience across the primary key stages and has been a Headteacher in Milton Keynes for five years.  Before becoming a headteacher, Mrs Edwards was a deputy in a large primary school.  Since 2010 she has worked closely with the Local Authority as a support for other Headteachers in Milton Keynes with a focus on raising standards.  Since 2013 Mrs Edwards has worked with two schools in her role as a Local Leader of Education.

Headteacher, Kents Hill School – Mrs Linda Coveney

Mrs Coveney has 30 years’ primary school experience; eight years in Yorkshire and 22 years in Milton Keynes.  The majority of her experience has been working with infant-aged children, although she has experience across all primary key stages. She has been a school senior manager for over 15 years and a Headteacher in Milton Keynes since 2010.  Prior to becoming a Headteacher, Mrs Coveney was a deputy in a large primary school, where she taught Reception to  Year 6 children.

Principal, Walton High – Ms Sharon Alexander

Ms Alexander has over 30 years’ experience of working in education, including 15 years at senior management level.  She is currently Chair of the Milton Keynes Secondary Heads Group and represents the Education sector on the Milton Keynes Council Skills and Economic Growth Board. 

Ms Alexander has worked closely with the Local Authority in recruiting, training and assessing Initial Teacher Trainees and Newly Qualified Teachers.  This work has been expanded to include close liaison with the Tommy Flowers SCITT and the Denbigh Teaching School Alliance as we strive to recruit, train and retain high quality teaching staff for a city with a growing school population.  Ms Alexander also sits on the MK Behaviour Partnership Steering Group and the High Needs Reference Group - these important groups plan for and meet the needs of the more vulnerable students across the city and ensure that favourable outcomes for all students, regardless of additional need, is at the forefront of decision making.

She has responsibility for the leadership and management of Walton High.

Pastoral Director - Mrs Ann Purser

Mrs Purser has responsibility for ensuring the social, emotional and behavioural needs of students across MKET schools are met.  She has worked in education for 12 years, 7 at senior management level.  Having worked as a senior manager at a Pupil Referral Unit, Mrs Purser has considerable experience of Alternative Provision.  She is a member of the secondary alternative provision referral panel and is on the management committee of a Personal Education Centre.  These roles have given her extensive knowledge and understanding of both the referral and reintegration process.  Mrs Purser is responsible for overseeing safeguarding procedures across the Trust and delivers safeguarding training.

Finance Director - Mr Shane Carter

Mr Carter has responsibility for the strategic oversight of budgets, financial management, internal controls and systems, and for the preparation and development of management information and statutory accounts across the trust. He is a qualified accountant with the ACCA and has 14 years’ experience in senior finance positions in both the charitable and education sectors.

Company Secretary – Mrs Sheila Bushnell

Mrs Bushnell has over 20 years’ experience of managing school budgets and has experience of setting up the new financial systems at sponsored and converter primary academies.  Mrs Bushnell has strategic oversight of the financial management, budgets and accounting systems of the schools within the Trust and line manages the Trust’s central finance team.